Popia Nestum

Today I made my all time favourite snack- popia nestum

Following are the ingredients for this addictive snack:-

  • 1 pack of popia (50 sheet)
  • 2 cup of nestum
  • 1 1/2 cup of horlick
  • 1 cup of powder milk
  • 1/2 cup of castor sugar


  • Roll each popia sheet with straw and cut it into small pieces
  • Fry with much oil and toss
  • Let it cool
  • Grind all the other ingredients in the blender
  • Mix the fried popia roll with the powder and enjoy!

Chill Oreo Cheesecake

My hubby requested an oreo cheesecake for this ramadhan. This recipe is very simple and took only 15 minutes to prepare. Well, following is the recipe


  • 200gm oreo biscuit (remove the cream sandwiched in between)
  • 100 gm butter (melt)
  • Mix both ingredients and compress it as a based in the container. Then put it for a while in the freezer

Oreo Cheesecake Batter

  • 500gm cream cheese
  • 130gm sugar
  • Balance of the cream from the biscuit
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1 small box of cooking/whipping cream
  • 8 pieces of Oreo cut into four
  • A packet of Oreo for the top

Mix all the above ingredients except for the Oreo pieces which you have to mix it last and pour it on the Cheesecake base. Then decorate it with a small packet of Oreo on top❤️

Leave it set until the cheesecake is a little firm and serve. Enjoy

Hi Tea @ The St Regis Langkawi

This eid was by far the most precious eid that we have. Alhamdullilah for that. After a month of fasting from before sunrise to sunset, all Muslim all over the world celebrated this special day together with family and friends.

As for this year, all of our family gathered in Langkawi as well as my uncle, aunt and cousins from Brunei to celebrate this Eid. Our quite house became lively for about a week. Before Eid, the woman of the house is busy preparing special dishes as for man, they are busy cleaning in and out the house.

However, there are times when we are too tired to cook then dine out is the best option at that time. However, the highlight of the dining out is the hi-tea session at The St. Regis Langkawi. It was outstanding experience when you have it with your special ones.

They were 10 of us went for the hi-tea session and we ordered only 3 set while the rest ordered extra drinks. It’s good that we didn’t listen to the suggestions from the attentive staffs to order 5 set.😅 Even with the 3 set we still not managed to finish it all.

The pastry and finger food served are scrumptious. They have upgraded the serving as compared when the hotel first open. Kudos to the new team who uplift the service!

As you can see, St Regis also featured luxury branding on their pastry, which makes it even sweeter to indulge haha.

I would like to recommend for any gathering here. After all the price is very reasonable for the service offer plus the setting is in St Regis. It is MYR135 per set and trusts me it’s worthy of a special occasion. Reservations are advisable so that the team can set up the place according to your number of people.

So that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Guangzhou – Family Trip 2016 (Departure Day)

Our travel start when Air Asia started it’s inaugural flight from Langkawi to Guangzhou since January 2016. I feel very lucky as an island girl and seeing this island is becoming more convenient than before. Thanks for all this Allah, may this island becoming a better tourist destination and bring more benefit to the local. Anyway, I do hope the greenery of this Island will be preserved. I don’t want Langkawi to be the second Penang 😥

Back to the real story, we departed from Langkawi late mid-night around 12am or even later. I can’t really remember LOL

I remember it was about 1 or 2 weeks before Chinese New Year and it’s freezing in Guangzhou at that time. We were so excited since this is our first family gathering to China. We also decided to travel to Hong Kong by train once we touched down Guangzhou. So as a Malaysian, we need a visa of course! we did our visa through a travel agent in Kuala Lumpur about 3 weeks before departure and we request double-entry since we are coming for the second time from Hong Kong as well.


So once we arrive Guangzhou, the first thing we did is to buy a train ticket at the convenient shop which is one floor down after you got your immigration stamp. Then we took a train to East Railway Station to depart to Hong Kong. It’s quite tricky here as the local cannot really speak English. However, my sister managed to ask one Western lady and she guide us where to buy the train ticket to Hong Kong. It was actually on the upper floor. As you can see, the railway station in Guangzhou is quite empty since it is very late at night.

The train ticket

So after we get our train ticket which cost us about 175 Chinese Renminbi/person we need to go through a security check look for coach number 2. It is a very convenient ride, to be honest. I am referring to the sq ft of space at the seat, toilet and you can order hot tea or coffee too.

Finally, we arrive Hong Kong! yeay


After the immigration stamp, we go to the nearby metro station to go to Tsim Sha Tsui station or local call it TST. We stay at Citadines Ashley aparthotel. It’s conveniently located at TST and nearby to go to tourists attractions. Talking about Hong Kong, the sq ft is really small as compared to what we used to get in Malaysia. Unless you have the fortune to spend then you may choose the 4 or 5-star hotels here.

The good thing about Citadines Ashley Hong Kong is that it equips with stove and cooking pot which we can prepare our instant noodle hahaha. But anyway, there are many halal restaurants located nearby this hotel one is only next door small halal cafe and in front of the hotel as well. The halal sign is also from a certified body! Great isn’t it? Alhamdullilah

So after check in, it’s time to eat!


This is the waterfront nearby to Citadines Ashley, it is winter here at that time. Thus the sky is always grey which I Love!

Continue with the next post in the upcoming blog!


As for today, i would like to set my goal to achieve something useful in life through blogging. I had a page on blogger, yet, i feel like i prefer to use wordpress now. Hopefully, i will take this seriously and not ‘hangat-hangat taik ayam’. *Sigh*

Why i do this? Simply because i want to keep track what is going on in my life, my travel, the food i cook, the movies i watched, my cats’ life and anything i feel it is necessary hehehe

So let’s start with my first passion, travelling. For me, to travel or now people keep saying another term which is wander-luster is really my passion. In fact this is what i asked Allah in front of Kaabah and SubhanAllah he granted my very doa.

I has been travelling even before i went for umrah, however, with that particular doa, Allah really fate me to work in travel related job. Until recently, i feel a little bit tired due to the reason i have been travelling with bosses. My bosses really ruin my wanderlust.

Thus, it is really true when someone said travelling is not about visiting new places, it is also about the people you meet along the way. Now about my second passion, which is cooking. Honestly, i am getting better in cooking after i get married. Thanks for my husband who is very choosy when it come to food. Well which is really good hehehe. So his choosiness in food drives me to learn more about cooking. Well obviously i love him, so okay i’m willing to learn and in times he actually effected me to become choosy too. But still not as choosy as him ;).

Till then, i hope there will be a second post right after this.


First blog post

Hi, I just felt so bored today. Yes, I have so many works at the office but I just felt bored.

Suddenly I came across the pionerwoman page on Facebook and have a look at her live video. She mentioned that she started all this cooking show from a blog and she encourages to start blogging and never stop. Here I am now trying to start it all over again hahaha. We’ll see again this time how it goes