The St Regis Langkawi

St. Regis Langkawi is the latest five-star hotel in Langkawi. It’s newly open for more than 1 year only. Along the way, I have the chance to visit the property due to work or went there for hi-tea session with the family.

Following are some amazing images of The St. Regis Langkawi.

You could see the intricate design of the property which really live up to the luxury and hi-end resort on the island.

During one of my visit there, we have the chance to see the pool room!

Even the door design has a mixture of North Africa and Middle East design element.

Above image is the view of L’Orangge restaurant, I have the chance to indulge the delicious macaroon and signature St. Regis ice tea (very refreshing)

The above image is the lobby, you could feel the luxury touch and yet relaxing ambient.

Fancy for hi-tea, you may read my hi-tea experience at The St Regis Langkawi here

You may do your booking from Agoda


Guangzhou – Family Trip 2016 (DAY-3 and Departure)


On day 3, we start our journey early in the morning. The first stop is to visit Sun Yet monument. It’s a very unique building with intricate Chinese carving and you can learn about the history of the Chinese leader. Besides this place is also good for snap shot 😉

The fee to enter this place is also very minimal and you have to pay for the parking too.20160130_10203920160130_100346

After visited the Sun Yet iconic building, we went to wholesale market in Guangzhou. Since we went there 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, so many outlets already close…:(

But one thing is that we had the chance to shop with the local who is preparing for Chinese New Year.


After testing our shopping skill, we went to a local halal restaurant in Guangzhou, it is located in front of the masjid. the masjid itself is a nice place for a historical visit in Guangzhou. The architecture is a mixed between Chinese, Central Asia and Arabic element. 20160130_142214

The following image is the section for the woman to pray. Look at the architecture…you really feel like you are in the old time of China.20160130_141655

The following image is the minaret for the azan…Subhanallah20160130_125311

This bun is filled with mutton and it is freshly made out of clay oven outside the shop. It is super delicious. How I wish to go there again 🙂20160130_13024220160130_131953

We also ordered chicken and mutton kebab. It served with roti. Yummy!

After finished praying and eating, we went for sight seeing at the town and our last stop is Canton Tower. It is a beautiful sight at night and after having a cup of coffee there we decide to go back to the hotel.20160130_19085320160130_181852

For dinner, me and my husband were commissioned to find a halal restaurant nearby our hotel. Yes..we did find one! Alhamdullilah

Most of the Muslim in Guangzhou is descendant from Uighur. Thus the restaurant call Bazaar serves fusion cooking of Chinese and Uighur. It is simply delicious! They also serve yak…but..who dare to eat that…perhaps I am not that adventurous after all.20160130_202259

So, early in morning we will depart to Langkawi, Malaysia

See you again Guangzhou!

Guangzhou – Family Trip 2016 (Day-2)


After spending a very short visit in HK, we went back to Guangzhou on the second day. We woke up early in the morning from TST and take a train to Hung Hom Station (Kowloon). We bought a one-way ticket to Guangzhou East Station. Above is when we go through the immigration and security check again.


The train ride to Guangzhou is very convenient, clean and you can order hot chocolate or coffee on the train. Once arrived, we were approached by a man who is offering a transportation service. Well, he is illegal to do that…we only found out later. Well, it turned out that he is only an agent and the one who drives us cannot even speak English. huhuhu…well what to do is to use our survival skill at its best hahaha. We install the WeChat and translation app on phone and use it to communicate.

Here in Guangzhou, we stayed at Oakwood Premier Guangzhou since we come in a group. We choose the apartment and it is a clean and modern apartment with a good price. The kitchen is complete to cook a simple meal and it also has washing machine with dryer. Which is very great! You may find the hotel from this link Tripadvisor review . It is actually rated at number one due to its services offered and best rate I guess.

We made our booking via

After check in and some rest. We went outside to discover this great city. Despite not understanding the Chinese language, we try to take the bus to Beijing Street. It’s actually the best decision to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Beijing Street is actually one of the tourist hotspot in Guangzhou, local and tourist go there for shopping.


We shop there till night fall hehehe. Well after tired of shopping, it’s time to go back to the hotel. However, we have trouble to find a taxi during this peak hour. In the end, by using our survival skill again, thanks to technology – the internet…we took an underground train and eventually it stopped in the mall in front of our hotel. Whewww

This night, we had a very good night sleep…zzzz

Guangzhou – Family Trip 2016 (Day-1)

So after having a really good night sleep due to hectic travelling day yesterday. Everybody is ready to discover Hong Kong on day two. We started our day by having breakfast at McDonald near the ferry terminal to HK island. After having coffee and muffin we went to the main island by ferry made from woods which I think they should keep it that way as it is very rustic



The ferry ride is about 10 minutes, our mission today is to visit The Peak which is the highest mountain in HK island I guess. Since we are in a group, thus, we decided to take a cheap travel to discover HK. Taxi doesn’t work best for us because we will need two taxies to accommodate everybody. Thus what we did was to go to IFC Mall which is very near to Apple Centre which will be seen from far while you are walking on the bridge walkway.


From IFC Mall we go to level down to take a mini bus up to The Peak. It was super cheap, which is very good for us! From IFC, the bus takes us up the hill with a scenic city view as well as fancy residential near the hillside. The bus finally stops at the ground level and you just have to take the escalator up to The Peak. Before you reach The Peak building, you will go through a shopping complex with small shops and eateries.

Since the journey is during winter seasons, I would like to advise you to bring along umbrella. It was raining when we reached there and luckily we have the jacket with hood. But some don’t have it, so it’s troublesome and not a good idea to walk under the freezing rain.

View from The Peak during winter

That’s the view during winter time in Hong Kong. So after taking enough snapshot, we went down to the main building at The Peak.


A train display in front of The Peak building.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

So what’s inside The Peak? Well, there are numbers of places of interest such as Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, special viewing deck (but it is not free, perhaps because it is higher than the viewing deck earlier), eateries and shopping outlets. After spending enough time here, we take a tram down the hill. The tram station is actually inside The Peak building.


So after reach the ground station, we make our way for lunch at nearby Muslim food court at Masjid. I can’t really remember the name of the masjid. All of us also forgot to take any snapshot at the masjid due to the reason that we are very hungry at the time hahaha.


After lunch, we went for sight seeing on the tram. Local called it ding ding. We also went to Hong Kong Disneyland route, just to recce the place. We will make a comeback Insya Allah.

After that, we went to the local night market near to TST. The price is good, but later..we found out that the seller actually gathers the goods from Guangzhou, which is a way cheaper sob 😥 .

So this is the restaurant that we went for dinner.

This restaurant is actually just across the road from Citadines Ashley HK. So it’s time to rest and I will continue the 3rd day posting in the next blog.