Yummy Lasagna Recipe 

One of my colleague called me one morning and she said she dreamed of me cooked lasagna recipe. It was a weird moment, to be honest, and after rationalising it back, it turned out that she’s pregnant!Alhamdulillah… In Malaysia, we believe that if a woman is pregnant and request to eat something, then it is best to fulfil her wish.

So last night, me and my niece cooked the lasagna since our division open house is to be postponed. Kindly refer below for the full recipe. Anyway, the image below is lasagna before baking. I don’t have the chance to snap any picture after bake hahaha:-

The Ingredients – for 6 to 8 people

A. The pasta and beef sauce

  1. 1 box of instant lasagna sheet about 250gm
  2. 400 to 450gm minced beef
  3. 1 carrot – minced
  4. onion – minced
  5. some garlic – minced
  6. 2 stalk of celery – minced
  7. mushroom – slice it
  8. 1 can of tomato puree
  9. 1 tea spoon of all spice powder – optional
  10. Black pepper powder
  11. Salt to taste

B. The white sauce

  1. Cheddar cheese
  2. 4 cup of fresh milk
  3. 4 table spoon of wheat flour
  4. Salt to taste

C. Additional layer – mozzarella and parmesan cheese – optional


A. Beef sauce

  1. Put some oil in medium size pan and let it hot enough to cook the garlic + onion
  2. After saute till slightly brown, put in the minced beef and cook till the water is less
  3. Pour the tomato puree and cook until boiling
  4. Put in all the vegetables (carrot, mushroom and celery)
  5. Put it black pepper powder and salt to taste – I add chicken powder for extra taste

B. White sauce

  1. Start with heating the butter until it melts in the pan
  2. Put in the wheat flour and stir it until it combines
  3. Pour in the fresh milk and ensure the fire is low or medium low
  4. Put in the Cheddar Cheese and stir it until it completely dissolves
  5. stir it until the consistency is thick enough but not very thick – consistency of thick sauce.

Assembly Method

  1. Since I use instant pasta…i need to pour in the beef sauce as the first layer in the baking pan. If you are using normal pasta sheet then you can put the pasta sheet as the first layer.
  2. Followed by instant pasta sheet
  3. Pour in beef sauce
  4. Pour in white sauce
  5. Sprinkel the mozzarella and parmesan cheese
  6. Repeat till finish – pasta, beef sauce, white sauce, cheese sprinkle
  7. Until it becomes like the image below
  8. Bake for 40 minutes with 160 degrees (below heat for 30 minutes and both heat the last 10 minutes)
  9. Leave it cool and serve



Kushary Recipe – Egyptian Food (Resepi Kushary) 

This the favourite meal of my husband. A hearty Egyptian meal.🥘 great for carbo loads lovers. So I will share how I prepare it!

This meal involve 3 parts (the carbo/fried onion and sauce). So this is my version of Kushairy. Hope you can try this delicious meal soon!

Carbo Recipe 


1 cup of lentil

1 cup of rice

1 cup of pasta (macaroni)

1 cup of pasta (vermicelli)


1. Cook the lentil and add 1 tea spoon of cumin powder and salt

2. Cook the rice and add 1 teaspoon of cumin powder and salt

3. Cook the macaroni el dante

4. Deep fried the vermicelli till brown

5. Mixed the lentil, rice and vermicelli. You can add a little bit of salt if you wish to. Lastly add on the macaroni on top of the carbo mix.

Fried Onion


1. Slice 2 large onion

2. Mixed the sliced onions with wheat flour and salt


1. Deep fried until golden brown

2. Serve in a bowl

Kushairy sauce 


1. 1 can of tomato 🍅 paste

2. 7 pices of garlic – sometimes i use more depend on the size

3. 1 table spoon of cooking vinegar

4. Salt to taste

5. 1 teaspoon of Black pepper

6. Chicken powder (optional)


1. Put some oil and fry the minced garlic until slightly cooked

2. Put in tomato paste plus some water – the consistency is depend of you if you like the gravy to be thick or watery

3. Put in salt, pepper and chicken powder

4. Cook until it boil

5. Serve

To eat – put the fried garlic and sauce on top of the carbo. Enjoy!